Six Key Benefits of Off-site Backups

SAFEGUARD: separate your off-site backup from your business.

Benefit 1: your off-site backup is stored away from your business location.

Making on-premise backups is a great idea, but those backups are not very useful if they are left in the office.

This is especially true if your business suffers a theft, fire or other destructive force that results in both your computers AND your backups being damaged, destroyed or lost.

We can't believe it... even though we had an alarm system, they just grabbed every computer they could see and ran. Our backups were here, too and they're gone. I don't know what we're going to do now.


With off-site backups from My Canadian Cloud™, you can rest easy knowing your vital business data is safe regardless of what's happened at your office. Data like your:

  • accounting files
  • address / contact lists
  • documents
  • spreadsheets
  • presentations
  • photos, etc.

remain safe and secure even if, a catastrophe strikes your place of business.

CANADA: Canadian-only storage for your off-site backup.

ACCESSIBLE: your off-site backup is accessible 24/7/365.

BACKUP SEED: jump-start your off-site backup.

RESTORE TO MY DOOR: panic restoration of your off-site backup.

AFFORDABLE: safety for your vital business data that you can afford.

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