AFFORDABLE: safety for your vital business data that you can afford.

Benefit 6: many backup plans cost less than a cup of coffee per day.

We are not suggesting you stop buying your daily coffee or tea from your favourite barista... we understand the pain that would cause!

Instead, since most people understand how much they spend on their favourite hot beverage, we thought that would be an über easy way of putting the cost of off-site backups into perspective.

Say, you buy a large coffee from one of Canada's favourite brands - $1.80 (taxes included). That same amount would pay for off-site backups covering:

  • a little less than 1/2 a day of 250GB
  • almost 1 day of 100GB
  • almost 2 days of 50GB
  • 3 days and change of 20GB
  • almost 5 days of 10GB

You get the picture! So what do off-site backups cost? Enjoy over your coffee or tea...


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