BACKUP SEED: jump-start your off-site backup.

Benefit 4: jump-start your off-site backup with our Backup Seed Service.

If your internet connection is slow or you have close to or more than 50GBof data, we can seed your backup using an external hard drive.We'll send you everything you need: an external hard drive, USB cable, software, instructions and a return shipping label.

Thisjump-starts your backup by getting the first, big backup done at once.Thereafter, you are backing up only the changes to that first, big backup.

Need to backup multiple computers? We have you covered!


How does backup seeding work?

  • we send you our Backup Seed Kit
  • you follow the instructions to create the first, big backup to be used as the seed for subsequent backups
  • helpfor Backup Seedis available
  • you return our Backup Seed Kit
  • we seed your backup account with the backup you sent us
  • your next and subsequent backups are only the changes that took place since the seed backup you sent us... see the example on the right side:

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